IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication and Networking
11-13 June 2018 – Hong Kong




9:00-10:30 – Session 1

Keynote I – David Gesbert (Eurecom)

“Model Predictive Compression for Drone Video Analytics”

Aakanksha Chowdhery (Princeton), Mung Chiang (Purdue)


“Deductive Approach to Processing High-Level Video Activity Queries in UAV Networks”

Himanshu Gupta (Stony Brook)


11:00-12:30 – Session 2

Keynote II – Rui Zhang (National University of Singapore)

  “Robust Multi-Path Communications for UAVs in the Urban IoT”

Zoheb Shaikh, Sabur Baidya, Marco Levorato (UC Irvine)


“Building UAV-based Testbeds for Autonomous Mobility and Beamforming Experimentation”

Yan Shi, John Wensowitch, Alexander Ward, Mahmoud Badi, Joseph Camp (Southern Methodist University)


2:00-3:30 – Session 3

Keynote III – Jeroen Wigard (Nokia Bell Labs)

“On Greedy Routing in Dynamic UAV Networks”

Mehrdad Khaledi, Amau Sugranes, Fatemeh Afghgh, Abolfazl Razi (Northern Arizona University)


“Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection based on Channel State Information”

Wei Zhou, Lei Wang, Bingxian Lu, Naigao Jin, Linlin Guo, Jialin Liu, Honglei Sun, Hui Liu (Dalian University)


4:00 – 5:45 – Session 4

Panel: UAV Systems: Challenges and Opportunities


“Ergonomic Quadcopter Control Using The Leap Motion Controller”

Gergely Gubcsi, Tams Zsedrovits (Pazmani Peter Catholic University)


“Towards Finding an Optimal Flight Zone for a Side-By-Side Tracking UAV w.r.t Extraction of Dynamic Vector Fields”

Ahmad Drak, Alexander Asteroth (Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg)


Concluding remarks